The Fifties

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23rd Jul 2009

Maybe it is because I was a very young child in the fifties, that’s the time our fondest memories are being made, when our minds hold  like a story book, all the world seen through the eyes of a child.

One of my fondest memories was of my dads big red Buick. Oh how I loved to ride in that car. Then there was the candy, Sugar Daddies, Jaw Breakers, Moon pies with a R.C.Cola, what could be better.

No computers, Cell phones, or credit cards. No air pollution. A time when neighbors knew and helped each other. A time when child abuse was almost unheard of. A time when families and friends would sit on the porch at night  and  talk while the kids played outside.

The music of  the fifties was the best. Songs like Honey Comb, Kisses Sweater than Wine. Then came Elvis bringing in Rock n Roll. With songs like You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog, the shaking, the greasy slick back hair.

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The cloths of the fifties were,poodle skirts, knee high jeans for the girls, jeans and white T shirts for the boy.

There was the Ed Sullivan show, Walter Cronkite. one of the finest news anchors ever. The Donna Reed Show, Lassie, Mr.Ed, the talking horse, Sky King. Cartoons like Mighty Mouse and Woody Wood Pecker.

Yes, the good old fifties. A simple time. A time when Americas heart beat was strong.

  • Karen Gross

    I think you are right, life was less stressful then. More manual labour, but kids were taught a good work ethic – work or don’t eat; and you help with the work because you are part of the family.

    People today have traded security for freedom. The cry is “You can’t legislate morality!” and “I have the right to seek happiness.” They don’t seem to make the connection between immorality and self-centeredness’ and the loss of the village mentality.

  • Elizabeth

    Dear Karen,
    It was fabulous, unless you were a female with actual aspirations, or part of an ethnic minority, or LGBT.