The Monkey Who Raided My Fridge

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24th Sep 2009

We recently shifted from the middle of an urban area to one more rural in nature. Its been a relatively tough shift as its the first one that my four year old is going through. The loss of friends and change in school are still not quite acceptable. Although there have been some rather interesting experiences which kind of make it exciting and scary.

For starters we live at the edge of a Jungle called Kusumi. It was a couple of years ago during the floods that the animals moved out of the jungle into our residential area in search of food. Thanks to the grabage bins in the area they found an unending supply of treats and decided to stick around here.

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Gradually the monkeys got bolder. They then started to conduct raids on unsuspecting housewives as they cooke din their kitchens. Like it happened with me the other day. A monkey clamly walked in through my front door. Hearing it open I walked into my dining room to find the fridge door open and the monkey checking the contents. The next thing I see is that he lifts my bread loaf, closes the fridge door and walks out the front one.

My heart was pounding and I was wondering what to do next. I quickly latched up the doors and called my husband in office. Whose rather nonchalant reply was, yes it happens here. Keep the doors closed at all times. I was just recovering from this incident when the very next afternoon the bell rang. I left my sleeping husband and child in th ebedroom and went to answer the doorbell.

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As I stepped out into the terrace, I see three monkeys sleeping on the walls of my terrace. I gingerly opened the door, half expecting a monkey at the other end. Thankfully it was just the newspaper chap collecting his bill. I charged back into the safety of my home and wondered just where I had come.

The next day I found a monkey on my terrace making faces at the shiny surface of my trunk. It was too much. He would go close to his reflection and bare his teeth, then move back. My baby enjoyed the full performance while I was wondering how I was going to open the door to my husband when he came back home for lunch.

  • Mystify

    Incrediable story!When you went to the door I was expecting a monkey to be there as well! It made me laugh! Wonderful work and a very enjoyable read!

  • giftarist

    An unique experience, well written..

  • ken bultman

    You’ve moved to a wonderful place. Your child is going to love it. You’ll get used to it. (There are all kinds of zoos.)

  • Katien

    Very enjoyable to read about. It sounds lovely, but I am sure that if they find a food source they could become a real problem.

  • Cashmere Lashkari

    giftarist it was worth writing about.
    Ken, this is one zoo I’d rather not be in, but you’re absolutely right my kid loves the monkeys.
    Katien, they already are a problem, I need to wait for the garbage man to come home before I take out the garbage. Otherwise they rip open the bag and spill all the rubbish.
    Mystify, I was wondering about that myself. Thankfully the monkeys are yet to ring the bell here.

  • Daisy Peasblossom

    Living near wild animals is both wonderful and frightening.


    thank you ur MONKEY Stuff inspired me thank god my fridge is empty

  • Cashmere Lashkari

    I totally agree Daisy.
    Lovely, you get inspired ever so often. Would love to be half as creative as you.
    Mo, feral cats? Really? Wow

  • mo hoyal

    I’d much rather live there where I could ride my mare in a more rural area than have to put up with what we have here in America now-too many people, too many buildings-too much concrete and us not able to move to the country, or what’s left of it!
    I love your writing Cashmere, and look forward to many more good reads from you. I think you are blessed to live in a rural community, monkeys and all. Here, feral cats now try to come in the back door, no longer afraid of me!