The One-day Chronicle of a One-day Prince

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10th Jan 2011

“Hi Kuya Prince,” a little girl said to me. I gave her a timid smile because I was not sure if I was really the one she called. After awhile, the same girl came to me and said “Kuya Prince, Kuya Prince…. Where can I claim the prize for the treasure hunting?” That was a confirmation. I was a prince! Even in my wildest dreams, I never thought of being a prince. But last December 4, 2010 during PASAR’s Children’s Christmas Affair, it somehow came true. With a sheet of cheap wool and satin cloth, a plastic sword, a pair of painted boots, a cardboard crown painted with gold, a few safety pins and hundreds of double-sided tapes, I became a one-day-event- prince – or at least by costume I was a prince!

Thinking about wearing a quirky prince costume made me feel sick. People would surely make fun of me. Despite fear of humiliation, I tried to convince myself it would be an exciting adventure. Far contrary to the glamour of a real prince though, my “prince-hood” experience was indeed a true adventure. Before I tell you why, let me first share my favorite definitions of adventure:

1. Adventure is like a gamble. It is very risky. No one knows exactly what lies behind it. That is the same thing with being on stage talking in front of a crowd. The risk of being humiliated is too high. Yet the risk is worth taking because it is part of the process of learning.

2. Adventure is a quest that demands fulfillment of a mission. Regardless of solid preparation, success is not guaranteed.

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3. Adventure is like an exploration filled with uncertainties and surprises. Sometimes surprises are in the form of flaws or constraints. These are the components of adventures that make it more exciting.

During my “prince-hood” adventure, I came across with the following constraints.

1.  The first constraint as far as I am concern was my own costume. It was awfully uncomfortable. I had to walk slowly as if I were stepping on a delicate floor because the boots was too tight. Every time I wanted to sit down, I needed to wave the “prince robe” (the cloth hanging at my back) on my lap because it would go spread on the floor as if it had its own life. There was even an instance when two kids stepped on it. So for a few moments I could not stand straight until they jumped off or else they would fall from the stage. I also had to check the sword on my side because I only had it stapled on my belt. It might fall off. That would be an embarrassment.

  • Ukrainian

    Adventure, enjoy you it or not, always brings new experience.

  • Val Mills

    I think we could all benefit from being someone’s prince or princess for a day. You did well :-)

  • gb1269

    Your right, adventure leads to discovery.

  • lapasan

    Oh, what a great experience of being a “prince”.

  • The Quail 1957

    Very cool article! Well done!


    great work

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    It is good to have an adventure.

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    Good job! Thanks!

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    nice share

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    Awwww, more like Prince Charming!

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    Very nice story,.

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    Lovely- Nice share, thanks see you around

  • gvgatchalian

    We all have childhood dreams which we carry with us to adulthood. I’m sure some of us would also like to be queens and princesses even for just a day. :-) Nice article!

  • DemonDogZack

    How many times did you get left back? lol jk

  • R.Lawas

    That’s a wonderful experience. :-)