The Reasons Behind a Non-placement in an Advertisement Agency

People apply and got jobs, people rejected and frustrated. In most of the cases the rejections repeated and become a human problem; in this study we would provide some experts’ views the reasons behind success and failure.

The reasons behind a non-placement in an Advertisement Agency:

Md. Rezaul Karim

Assistant Professor

Southern University Bangladesh


Non appointing applicants naturally get frustrated and contemplate the reasons behind. But it was never investigated that qualitatively the root causes of employer likings and selection criteria. No job is supposed to be a barrier free or easy. Working in advertising is rewarding and challenging. But for many people just starting out, the challenge seems to be getting that first big break into an advertisement agency’s door. There are many reasons why frustration happens, and there are ways out to overcome that barrier and land a job at an advertising agency. In this study we would like to investigate those issues.

1. Internship: Normally agencies look at interns as potential employees. If we have the opportunity to intern, by all means, we should. Interning helps getting an “in” to the agency, and also enables us to work in various areas we wouldn’t otherwise. We should speak up and let the agency know we are eager and willing to learn to get the most out of our internship. The experience we gain as an intern is invaluable and could lead us to a permanent position.

2. Take an Entry Level Position: It would be nice to walk right into a corner office with a view, plop down in our leather chair and start working with big name clients. Of course, it doesn’t work that way in the real world. Many people have successfully started their career in advertising by taking any job in an agency and working their way up. We should not be afraid to work outside of our job description, rather get in there and learn everything possible. If we are unable to move up within that particular agency, we can still use that experience to get us a job somewhere else.

3. Freelance: If we are interested in being a copywriter or graphic designer, we could consider freelancing as a way to get into the business. Coming up with our own rates, own campaign to advertise ourselves and approaching small businesses, and even agencies are all tools we can use in our agency job hunt.

4. Create Spec Advertisements:

Spec Advertisements are simply our version of a published advertisement. We might think that we can do better than a major automaker’s print advertisements running in our favorite magazines; or our local barber shop’s newspaper advertisements might need some reworking! Spec Advertisements are known in the industry as work we’ve done on our own. It’s basically pretend copywriting or graphic design, but if we have no published work, it’s vital to showing our talent.

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