The Wooden Wonder Will Fly Again!

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14th Dec 2010

The Wooden Wonder will fly again!

I have for a year or so been writing and publishing in my dedicated Aircraft blog called ‘WW2 Historic Aircraft’ I’m pleased to say the blog now appears on the top part of page 1 on a Google Search! The link is,

I would like to focus in on the De Havilland Mosquito Multi Roll combat aircraft from WW2. I have written about this amazing aircraft in depth see,

This article on the Wooden Wonder was published just over a calendar year ago. Lots have happened in the world of the Mosquito in that time. A company called ‘Avspecs Limited’ Is based in South Auckland in New Zealand. This fantastic company of engineers is bringing back to life a wrecked DeHavilland FB Mk26 fighter bomber. This argentous task is nearing completion with test flights predicted in 2011.

(Remains of the Mosquito cockpit in New Zealand

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(The condition of the Mosquito wreck in 1995)

I will come back to the project shortly. There are as of now 2010, no airworthy DeHavilland Mosquito’s in the world! Considering that thousands were constructed in Great Britain and Canada and Australia (Under licence from DeHavilland Aircraft) The last flying Mosquito crashed in 1998 at an air show killing both pilots. See Video clip,

The war bird community has long wanted to see this powerful yet graceful aircraft take to the skies. The sound of twin Rolls Royce Merlin engines at full chat screaming along the crowd line accelerates the blood pressure! I was lucky enough to see the British Mosquito before it crashed in that tragic accident.

I believe there is some what of a race to the skies? Because a second Mosquito is under restoration in Australia? (Forgive me if I’m wrong) this second Mosquito does not require a ground up rebuild as does the Avspecs FB26 Mosquito. I have a few pictures of the Avspecs rebuild the quality of work is second to none!

 The Mosquito is made from wood obviously hence the ‘Wooden Wonder’ nick-name  all new wooden fuselage has been constructed, note the original coskpit frame to house the new plexi-glass to be fitted.

Please not the holes in the nose of the Mosquito that will house four 20mm cannons! (Replicas or de-commissioned of course)

A section of the tail unit has been painted and ready for installing.

Soon we will be able to hear the sounds of the Rolls Royce Merlins powering this Beast of an aircraft at air-shows all over the world, see,

Please feel free to check on my blog WW2 Historic Aircraft for more news next year on the ‘Wooden Wonder’ and its return to the skies!

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