Time Machine, Three Trips: Where Would You Go?

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15th Nov 2008

Researchers speculate that, in a model theory, time travel is possible – the theory is set out in the following link:-


The possibilities would be endless – so why not take the opportunity to stretch your imagination for a few minutes.

There are no right or wrong answers, everyone comes up with different answers, and it can give a revealing insight into a persons’ personality and interests

These are the rules:

  • You can choose just three times / places to visit
  • Your visits must be back in time (not forward)
  • You can only observe from a safe distance (a fly on the wall view) – you cannot interact or change events
  • You cannot use the visits to achieve personal wealth – only to gain knowledge / experience of historical events / characters
  • Visits must be to earth (and it’s moon) only and you cannot go back to any point prior to the existence of the fully formed planet Earth
  • Your time machine can be programmed to visit a specified event / person – even if you don’t have an exact date

After much deliberation, these are my top three choices:

1 – The Demise of the Dinosaurs

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My time machine would take me to a time of apocalypse.

What killed off such a successful, varied species who had dominated the planet for 160 million years?

Here are just a few of the great many theories regarding the demise of the dinosaurs

  • The collision of a large meteor with the earth
  • Extreme volcanic / super volcano activity
  • A reduction in volcanic activity, which led to dramatic climate change (planetary cooling) and significantly reduced oxygen levels
  • Bizarre and disadvantageous genetic mutations
  • A magnetic pole flip
  • An increase in earth’s gravity and reduced oxygen levels

It is the last theory which is of particular interest, and one which many people may not have even heard of.

  • John McDonnell

    Excellent article! You’ve given me enough to think about to occupy the next week! Seriously, this is a very thought-provoking article, and I applaud all the work you did on it.

  • s hayes

    I have submitted a fix to add the pictures

  • Joanna Maharis

    Fascinating article. I have always been interested in the remote possibilities of time travel, myself.

    Take Care,

    Joanna Maharis

  • Gary Wallace

    A thought provoking challenge and some interesting choices. I shall have to give this some consideration.

  • eddiego65

    Excellent article. It would be one exciting ride if time travel is indeed possible.

  • Eddie Socko

    excellent, well constructed, interesting article.

    I’d visit the Colleseum in Rome, when it was still active. Better than TV or a movie any day.

  • papaleng

    I guess this issue is subject to one’s perspective. but I guess I would board this time machine if ever i’m given the chance.

  • Ben Johnson

    I am enjoying your work very much, thought provoking.

  • Laura Gagnon

    Hmmm, I love all of your ideas. I think I would also go to the future! Cheers again!

  • Will Gray

    Excellent article. One, I would go back to talk to Jesus. Two, I would go back to talk to Plato. Three, I would go back to the Garden of Eden before the fall of man.

  • joystick7

    Good Article!!

  • R J Evans

    If only it were possible! :-)

  • Anne Lyken Garner

    I totally loved this idea for an article. I think I would like to see the dinosaurs – but from a distance.

  • C Jordan

    Great article s.ThinkI’d like to go and see why Mona Lisa has that smile on her face.Perhaps watch Michaelangelo painting the Cistine Chapel to see if he spilled as much paint as I do when I’m decorating!

  • Cyra Miles

    Wow. This is a great article.

  • Chambo

    Great idea for an article. I think I would like to head to the future for a quick look.

  • Glynis Smy

    Brilliant! I would go and work with Florence Nightingale, see how the first woman on earth coped with her man and kids. I found you because you were given a ticket to ride on My Triond Bandwagon, come and see who gave it too you.

  • maria kamsten

    great aricle,think i like the here and now though,well done

  • Jasin

    If you cant change, interact, or really do anything of consequence, why go?
    Good article.

  • hfj

    As hard as scientist’s and smart men have tried to discredit the bible as a book of fables, it always seem to backfire on them every time and discredit their scientific explanation and data.

  • Firstmate

    The expanding Earth idea goes well with time travel. They are both ideas worthy only as fodder for fiction and fantasy. No real scientist (geologist, physicist) takes these ideas seriously.