Time Machine, Three Trips: Where Would You Go?

Researchers speculate that, in a model theory, time travel is possible – the theory is set out in the following link:-


The possibilities would be endless – so why not take the opportunity to stretch your imagination for a few minutes.

There are no right or wrong answers, everyone comes up with different answers, and it can give a revealing insight into a persons’ personality and interests

These are the rules:

  • You can choose just three times / places to visit
  • Your visits must be back in time (not forward)
  • You can only observe from a safe distance (a fly on the wall view) – you cannot interact or change events
  • You cannot use the visits to achieve personal wealth – only to gain knowledge / experience of historical events / characters
  • Visits must be to earth (and it’s moon) only and you cannot go back to any point prior to the existence of the fully formed planet Earth
  • Your time machine can be programmed to visit a specified event / person – even if you don’t have an exact date

After much deliberation, these are my top three choices:

1 – The Demise of the Dinosaurs

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My time machine would take me to a time of apocalypse.

What killed off such a successful, varied species who had dominated the planet for 160 million years?

Here are just a few of the great many theories regarding the demise of the dinosaurs

  • The collision of a large meteor with the earth
  • Extreme volcanic / super volcano activity
  • A reduction in volcanic activity, which led to dramatic climate change (planetary cooling) and significantly reduced oxygen levels
  • Bizarre and disadvantageous genetic mutations
  • A magnetic pole flip
  • An increase in earth’s gravity and reduced oxygen levels

It is the last theory which is of particular interest, and one which many people may not have even heard of.


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