Top Ten Gains of Losing

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12th Feb 2011

Losing is never fun. In any form of endeavors, we never want to experience defeat. Whether it’s in a form of contest, in battle, or even in courtship, we always want to see ourselves as winners. Feeling lethargic after losing is part of human nature. But when taken consideration to reflect, losing has more benefits than winning.

1. Losing will make you work harder. You will have a sense of direction as to what you need to do to accomplish in the future.

2. Losing will make you stronger as a person. When you are able to conquer the frustration after the defeat, you will develop a greater sense of yourself.

3. Losing will make you wiser. Lots of successful people experienced being defeated. And all their wisdom are mostly enveloped with frustrations and hopelessness.

4. You spare yourself from great pressure. You won’t have to live by the pressure people expect from winners.

5. Being a good loser develops good character. A good character when tested through the devastating effect to losing will flourish to become even better.

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6. Losing is adventure. You will be able to experience both the ups and downs of every battle.

7. Losing will make your room clean. You don’t have to collect trophies and have a headache on where to put them. They just collect dusts and add mess in your room.

8. Losing will inspire you to be more creative. You will see it as an inspiration to create something that boosts the power of your imagination.

9. You will improve your self-discipline. If you have a plan of vengeance, you will need to treat yourself with utmost care. Instead of being mad and feeling bad about losing, you will see it as an opportunity.

10. You will become prayerful. That is the normal tendency of humans. We pray harder when we ask something.

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    i like 5 and 7. truly inspirational article, and very true. A life without losing is too fragile. I’ve learned much from failure.

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    great article, i agree, making mistakes is important!

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    It is said that we learn from our mistakes and failures. They serve as good lessons for a good start and later to succeed in our endeavors.

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    Actually win or lose does not matter in the long run. The only competition that most of us do not even think about is longevity race, see who live the longest.

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