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Top Ten Useful Things to Do with a Pen

Published by Forallthefunsintheworld in Offbeat
April 3rd, 2009

Amazing Things to do with your Pen.

Things to do with a pen that you can enjoy!

  1. Writing with it, it is the most simplest thing to do with it, because a pen was designed for writing, so writing is it main objective. But since pens can’t be rubbed out, use a nice pencil instead.
  2. Ear poking, it’s great for getting the earwax out, but use the blunt side, not the side you write with, because you don’t want to hurt yourself with it. It can be very painful…
  3. Scratching your back, it’s pretty much an extra extension to your hand, a small extension but can help reach the unreachable parts of your back. Very good for when you don’t have a backscratcher or a person to help you scratch your back.
  4. Poke your enemies with it, it is a perfect weapon, if you enemy gets really annoyed, he/she will hit you, ensuring a spot in detention for her/him. So your pretty much making him/her annoyed, without you getting in trouble!
  5. Annoying your teacher by writing in red ink. They hate it so much that you will probably receive punishment of some sort, depending on how nice the teacher is, or how mean they are.
  6. Drawing a face on your stomach. Using the belly button as a mouth, it can be a perfect buddy when you don’t have a friend with you. Lie back on the couch and start talking to yourself!
  7. Fake blood! Perfect for you if you have a red pen, but if you have a blue pen, pretend your an alien with blue blood! Drawing blood all down your nose will make it look like you have a blood nose, which can get yourself a trip to the sick bay. Afterwards, you are free to skip class!
  8. Play as swords! Smash your pen againt your friend’s pen.  Duke it out in the battle of all battles! Tips, just dodge their pen, it much easier than slashing away, because that creates noise, increasing your risk of getting caught!
  9. Tell you pen all of your deepest secrets, because it can’t talk! It will listen deeply to all your fears, tell it how you hate your life, or love it if your love it. Tell it all your enemies secrets, because it can’t return comments back on how your not giving your friend a fair go.
  10. Bite on your pen, great way to express your anger. If you break it, that’s also a bonus, because you can use the splattered ink all over your enemy. Great way to have some fun and hurt your enemy.

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  1. Ed m
    Posted April 4, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    rofl, i love it, great list

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