Top Three Reactions to a Missed Flight!

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26th Feb 2011

At the airport, there is one thing above other bad things that makes people so outraged or sad: a missed flight. Just imagine that you are flying on an airplane for a reunion, a funeral, a wedding, or just a vacation. Well, traffic, kids not hurrying up, or other thing make you so late to check in, get security checked, and board the plane. The gate closes, and you missed your chance to board for that all-important flight. What would you do then? Yell at the staff? Stay cool and calm? Cry over it?

Well, here are three reactions to one of the biggest preventable airport issues ever: having to miss your plane.

#3: Cool as they Entertain

Well, two girls are disappointed that they missed their flight from Denver to San Diego. But that didn’t stop them from entertaining themselves. One girl plays her guitar and sings, and another plays the ukulele. They are calm and composed during their sojourn at Denver International Airport, and the fact that their plane ditched them did not faze them much.

Well, it’s hard to remain as calm as them when someone misses a flight, but if you have remained that way like those girls, I give you accolades.

#2: MCO (Mega-Conniption in Orlando)

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The MCO does not only mean Orlando International Airport anymore.

A family misses their flight from Orlando for an unknown destination. So, the husband and wife take out their rage on not just the rest of the family, but to the check-in at Gate 40. But it’s the wife who is the most upset at the scenario. She says that she’s risking her job for the lateness, for it’s a vacation as well as a business flight. So why are they so late to their flights? The husband’s clock on his cell phone is wrong, although it say, 4:45 pm, their time of the flight.

Well, the reactions may be common, but their rage does not even compare to the number 1 reaction of a person who misses his or her flight from or to home.

#1: HKIA Hi-Jinks!

This videotaped reaction is one of the most irrational but (to some) hilarious reactions to a missed flight ever.

A Cantonese woman in Hong Kong International Airport rushes to her flight on Cathay Pacific for San Francisco. She screams and cries that the plane hasn’t even started taking off, but the boarding gate closed a few moments before she tries to get in. She pounds the boarding check-in desk and cries over it. She gets upset at the airport staff that the plane is still there but they deny her boarding it. She flails and screams on the floor like a three-year-old, screaming that the situation is inhumane to her. An elder tells her to calm down, because a lot of people at the airport are watching her temper tantrum.