UFO Sighting

25th Dec 2016

In many cases I have seen UFO sightings on TV, and I always thought they were fake. Then one day, I saw one.

I was at a race track with my uncle and father, and all of a sudden, I looked up and I saw a little, white ball in the air. It would get dull, then shiny, and then disappear and reappear in a different part of the sky. I asked them “Hey, do you guys see that?” and they both said that they had seen it. It stayed for about 20 minutes or so, then it slowly started moving and went away. Confused by what had just happened, I enjoyed the rest of the race, then went home.

The next day, I went over to a friend’s house. It was roughly 50 miles from the race track at which I had seen the white ball in the sky. While working on her car, I looked around and then up into the sky, and to my amazement, I saw the same white ball that was at the race track, hovering above the tree line.

I called to her and asked her if she saw it, and she did. It did the same thing, It got dull and shiny, then disappeared and reappeared in different places in the sky. She went into the house to go get a pair of binoculars, and as she went to get them, the white ball started to drift away. By the time she had gotten to the door, the white ball had vanished.

The day after, I was in my driveway, replacing a tie rod on my mother’s car. As I pulled the wheel from the car, I looked up and saw that same, white ball in the sky, doing its usual routine of going from dull to shiny, then disappearing and reappearing. I then thought, they must want something from me. They’re watching me and following me around. Then I wondered “Am I going to be abducted?

Since then, I haven’t seen the white ball, I never found out what it wants, but I know that someday, it will come back again, because it wants something from me.

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