Unique Handcrafted Wooden Ashtrays for Smokers and Non-smokers

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3rd Nov 2008

Metal and glass ashtrays are very common nowadays. Try these native ashtrays from the Philippines.

All these ashtrays are made of wood and handcrafted by our indigenous brothers and sisters from the Cordillera Region – the Igorots, specifically from the City of Baguio – the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”.

Quadruple Head Ashtray

This Quadruple Head Ashtray portrays typical faces of upland warriors with their distinct haircuts.

Tri-Bull Head Ashtray

The carabao or water buffalo is the national animal of the Philippines. It’s the beast of burden of Filipino farmers.

The Cobra Ashtray

Who’s not afraid of snake? The cobra snake is known worldwide to be very lethal especially the Philippine Cobra which is regarded as the most venomous cobra in the world.

An Ashtray and a Penholder in One

A horse has been associated with luck that’s why it’s always a favorite subject in any form of art. This piece of handcrafted wood serves a dual purpose, first as a penholder, and an ashtray, or simply a souvenir item for table décor or cabinet décor.

A Human Head Ashtray

This ashtray depicts a typical face of an upland woman who carries load using her head.

Coffee Mug Ashtray

This isn’t a coffee mug, it’s an ashtray. Cigarette and coffee, perfect match – they’re both smoking.

Palm Ashtray

There are some smokers who use the palm of their hands as ashtray. Some sadists use the palms of others as ashtray to demonstrate their dominance. Why hurt yourself or other when you can have a palm ashtray that is made of wood?

Cup Ashtray

This cup-shaped ashtray already contains some ash. You can also use this as a wine cup, if none is available.

Phallus Ashtray

These ashtrays are the most unique of them all. You can choose from small, medium, large and extra large. Phallus is used in many systems of religions, especially here in the Orient, as a symbol of the degenerative power of nature.

These ashtrays are perfect gift for smoker friends and relatives. These are also great gift for non-smoker friends and relatives as collector’s items or home decor.

( used on this article are photographed and owned by the writer.)

  • Lauren Axelrod

    These are interesting.

  • Ruby Hawk

    I kept ashe trays in my house long ago but now I don’t have such a thing. These would be beautiful as decorative objects though. take care, Ruby

  • Darlene McFarlane

    These are beautiful and would make good incense burners and like Ruby said, just to have in the house as a decoration.

  • C Jordan

    Very interesting carvings, in an iteresting article.

  • R.B. Parsley

    Definitely very interesting. Being a smoker, and having several friends that are smokers, these would be ideal to have around. But however they would make for good conversation openers. Excellent article!!! Keep up the good work Nobert!!!


  • PR Mace

    Very unusual and interesting art work. Too bad they are used for such a terrible habit. Good article.

  • blaise

    these r nice & real unique..have seen all in baguio but thanks sir Nobert for posting it,may it contribute for the positive Filipino advertisement..

  • Keerthana

    interesting article…

  • Unofre Pili

    Very creative. Makes me proud.

  • eddiego65

    These ashtrays are really something! Great article!

  • eddiego65

    These ashtrays are really something! Great article!


    Wow, the crafts are excellent!

  • xoxo

    Cute ashtrays.

  • Judy Sheldon

    The art is amazing, as is your photography – but smoking.. is yuk.

    Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  • Fornis

    Very creative idea of yours, Nobert. Thanks for sharing, the art work is amazing.