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Unknown Facts About Christmas

Published by Anuradha Ramkumar in Offbeat
December 25th, 2010

Christmas is fast approaching; how about knowing some unknown and interesting Christmas facts? Few unknown Christmas facts include Statue of Liberty as a Christmas gift by French to the Americans, kwanzaa candles, etc. Know more interesting facts about Christmas here…

Christmas is fast approaching and all of us are in festive mood. All of us know few facts like: 

  1. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December every year.
  2. Christmas trees are decorated.
  3. Santa rides on a sledge that has reindeers

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How about knowing some interesting and unknown facts about Christmas? Exciting…read on to know some of the unknown facts about Christmas. 

1. It is a holiday on Christmas for majority of us. Do you know which US state started the tradition of official holiday on Christmas? It was Alabama in the year 1836. The last state to declare Christmas as an official holiday is Oklahoma in the year 1907.

2. The largest Christmas present ever was the Statue of Liberty. It was given to the US by France in the year 1886.

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3. The first ever artificial Christmas tree was made by the Germans. They used goose feathers and dyed green to make this artificial Christmas trees.

4. It was believed by Ukrainians that seeing a spider web on a Christmas morning would bring good luck; this made them to decorate their Christmas tree with an artificial or fake spider and spider web. There is a folk tale behind this; it is believed that there lived a woman who was so poor that buying things for Christmas celebrations was not affordable to her. One Christmas morning, when she woke up she found spiders had trimmed her children’s tree with spider webs. The most surprising part of the story is that these webs turned into silver and gold once the sun started to shine.

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5. Will you be happy if someone said you should not cook a feast or sing a Christmas carol for Christmas? This is what happened between 1647 and 1660 in England. Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas celebrations and asked his soldiers to patrol the streets to see if anyone is celebrating Christmas. If they have prepared a feast, soldiers would take away it with them. The only acceptable way of celebrating Christmas was to attend a sermon.

6. How about getting Christmas presents on 6th of December? Yes…this is when Santa gives Christmas presents in Poland.

7. Even though Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December in Guatemala, adults would not exchange gifts until New Year. It is only children who get their presents on Christmas.

8. In the Kwanzaa ritual, they lit seven candles; three green, three red and one black and these candles represent seven principles of the Christmas celebration. There is significance for these colors; black symbolizes the faces of the Africans, red symbolizes the blood they shed and green symbolizes hope and the color of the motherland.

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9. Do you wish to know the history of Christmas carols? It is an old English custom called wassailing and meant “toasting neighbors to a long and healthy life.”

10. “The twelve days of Christmas” is a famous song; do you know how many gifts you will have if you receive all the gifts mentioned in this song? You should be having 346 gifts.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all my friends!

Hope you enjoyed these interesting and unknown facts about Christmas. How about logging on to Ukhamba to know more such interesting facts about Christmas?


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  1. Posted December 25, 2010 at 6:14 am

    very interesting facts about Christmas! Well written, Anu.
    I like Christmas but I notice it’s very quiet on actual day 25 Dec, to me Christmas is over on this day and Chinese New Year is coming, hahaha.

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    Very interesting facts. Point four sounds particularly fantastic to me. Great share. Let the Christmas go, but keep the merry for the whole year. :D

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    Thanks Anuradha for the ineresting information. Wish you a happy chirstmas and a prosperous 2011


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