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Unusual Hobbies

Published by jahnvi42 in Offbeat
February 1st, 2011

Are you currently bored with your life? Do you crave for some kind of excitement? Maybe you’re looking for a new hobby. Check out my list of unusual hobbies, maybe you’ll like one.

Hobbies, can we live without them? I don’t think so. Almost everyone we know has some or the other hobby. It can be a simple one like collecting stamps or an unusual one like collecting soil.

Below I am going to list some of the most unusual hobbies that are found among people.

Tapophilia: Tapophilia is the passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries. People with this hobby tend to enjoy looking at old gravestones and are known to travel far and wide to visit cemeteries of well-known people. A hobby fit only for someone with a lot of money.

Handcuff Collecting: It should be pretty obvious to the reader what this means. Just type it into Google and you will be amazed to know that it is not as rare as you feel. Wonder if anyone ever tries to steal from handcuff collectors.

Carving Egg Shells: Supposed to be one of the easier forms of art. But Egg shaping is not for everyone. So unless and until you are an excellent artist, don’t venture into this hobby.

Noodling: The first time I heard this word. Noodling is a hobby in which people use their hands to catch fish. A dangerous hobby as a noodler has to enter the water headfirst to see and catch fish. It seems noodlers only catch catfish with this method. This hobby would probably be fulfilling.

Underwater Photography: Another interesting hobby. This will require an ability to stay focused underwater and also the ability to photograph well.

Cloud Watching: A very unusual hobby in the age of skyscrapers. Cloud Watchers are people who enjoy watching clouds take various shapes. This could be the cheapest hobby.

Plane Spotting: This hobby involves people who take photographs of planes and also note down the plane numbers. This hobby seems to be mostly contained in the UK. This one could put you in a spot with the officials.

I found a few more unusual hobbies, but some of them were pretty dangerous. If you know of any more unusual ones that you would like me to add to the list, drop me a line.

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