Urban Gardening in Miniature

16th Jan 2017

Urban Gardening in MiniatureSometimes artistic licence is needed to bring something as pognant as the lack of city greenery to the notice of those living there.

Like any other massive urban city, Madrid in Spain has relatively few green areas, so art cooperative Luzinterruptus, on May 5, 2011 decided to help the people of Madrid to appreciate how greenery can brighten up the lives of city dwellers, even on a small scale.

To get things moving in the right direction, they undertook a session of what they called Guerrilla gardening, taking the hardy weeds struggling up through pavement cracks etc, the Luzinterruptus crew invading grayest areas of the huge city, looking to offer protection to existing ecosystems and create new miniature ones by planting more.

Hardy little plants already managing to survive in their harsh surroundings  received small greenhouses, umbrella-like, which were put over them, and small lights were added, along with little figures of animals, and nearly all of this secretive work was carried out at dead of night.

That meant that when people of the city awoke the next morning, they were confronted by dogs, cats, cows and sheep all appearing in surprising places, as those quiet guerrilla gardeners had brought hardy cuttings with them, just in case, and high quality topsoil, for filling holes with, hoping that plants would take root in their new homes to brighten up the city for those living there