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What Do People Like to Read About?

Published by Gourab Modak in Offbeat
July 30th, 2009

What are the stuff that people want to read about that can get you some good quality traffic to your articles?

I know many people that want to get published online. Yet they can’t. No matter how much they try, they can’t get their article online. And even if they do, no one reads their stuff.


Usually, it’s either because of the fact that they can’t write good enough, or because they have chosen a dead topic. For all of you people that want to know what people search for the most, I created this list of hot topics that will always remain hot.

1. News- People will almost always look for what controversial stuff they saw on the news or heard from a friend. For example, swine flu has been on the top 100 list on Google for months now. Another example is Glenn Beck calling Obama racist. That has made the news just like anything else Obama does.

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2. Celebrities- Whatever a celebrity will do, people will look up. Especially female singers. Madonna, Taylor Swift, Heidi Pratt, and whoever is next to do something that people want to gossip about will be on the top 100 list. I don’t recommend writing about them, because that is just selfish to write crap about someone for your own gain.

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3. Sports- In almost every single sport, there are always like at least a million fans looking for stuff about their sport, or sports team. During college football season, OU, Kansa, A&M. and Texas will always be searched for at least two or three million times a day. People constantly look for scores, stats, and other stuff.

These are the three things people will look for around the internet.

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