What Happened to a Uk Summer

Published by in Offbeat
17th Dec 2016

Once again we reach the summer time in the Uk and yet we have no sun.

It’s so sad as normally we get a few months of sun but recently and when i ay recent I mean the past 2-3 years if not longer we have had only a few weeks.

It just makes you want to move away and find some were when the season summer is just that, I do believe that the reason our summers now rain and the winters hardly snow is because of the ozone damage we as humans are responsible for, It’s such a shame and it really does make us have lower sprits and in some cases even make people depressed.

If your from the Uk what are your opinions on our new yearly weather forecasts? and if your from a different country have you noticed a change at all in your weather patterns?

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  • Jonathan

    hat’s really alarming, may be effect of global warming

  • Nathan

    You make a good point about the environment Scott. We only continue to see the side effects from such events in the future. I hope it is not too late. Something needs done. Here in America, I see similar events. More rain, less snow, hot summer days. Great article pal.