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Who is the Dumbest Animal in the World?

Published by kamlesh786 in Offbeat
May 2nd, 2009

You’ll never guess dumb animal in the world?

How often have you heard expressions like, stubborn as a mule, dirty like a pig, a chicken scared, dumb as an ox, mean as a badger, drunk as a skunk, and a variety of other animals to jokingly comments?

Have you ever thought about how the animal can honestly relate to the old saying, if you are the gift of rational thought?

For example, chicken is a tasty and exceptionally high bird in the list of most predators, a number of food products, including our list. Critter is also relatively defenseless and not really a genius in the department of intelligence. When God passed out the brain, the thought of chicken, he said the rain, and ran in another direction. On reflection, it is possible to say that the chicken has learned and earned the right to be called “chicken”.

Well, when we say “dirty as a pig”, which is another example that has this label, and then some. Of course, the pig, which happens to be a lot of weight and some, hitches boat, all the sludge from the wonderful to help you stay cool in summer and heat, which stifles their unwanted guests. Indeed, the pigs could have curiously looked on our clothes on a hot day, and we believe that, not stupid.

When we begin to view the stubborn mule that you insult the real intelligence, there was once an old farmer told me that people think that the mullet is a dumb animal can not be more wrong.
“Why, I have more mules than any intelligence or dog or man thought,” said the old clock. “Have you seen horse sitting on his tail, around somewhere? Do you know of a coon dog can find water faster than a mule?” Perhaps being stubborn is not the word that we should if we are intelligence mule!

With regard to the phrase “Drink,” I do not think I’ve ever seen a drunken skunk, is not it?
If I think, honestly, I do not think I’ve ever seen a drunken animal of any kind, unless they were in this way by ornery children. I had a friend in Pascagoula, is a true son who has a few chicken breasts in a bath with one day. After a few sips of thirst, the poor chickens have attempted to fly to the side to strengthen their own feet, and probably think it has six legs each. It was no fun for me! I think it is a cruel thing to do to innocent creatures.

If you think that none of the so-called “dumb” animals above intentionally use drugs or drink. They are just too intelligent.

The man, as far as I know, is the only animals to drink or a dummy drug forget to heaven. Of course not to say much about our level of intelligence is not it?

Perhaps we should look more closely at what we humans are in the general scheme of things, the speed with which God happen when the brain works?

Many of us keep stubbornly held, saying that “things that in moderation is not dangerous for us.” I guess that depends on what the definition of “substance” and what our definition of “moderation” is. Some “things” such as pornography, drugs, lies, fraud, theft, adultery (the list is long), are not good for us – period!

I suppose that one of our fundamental problems of the people to decide what “things” that can be used in moderation. I think we can learn a valuable lesson of the call, “dumb” animals, because they are not really stupid, in some respects. Because they learned to “Just Say No”, without our help!


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