World’s Most Advanced Toilets of Japan

Like tradition and culture is different in countries across the world, considering the style and types of toilets can be weird but interesting. While, this article is not about different types of toilets in different countries it will be a matter of interest to discuss modern toilet of Japan also referred to as Super Toilet or Washlet in Japan.

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Super Toilet in Japan is one of the most advanced toilets in the world having many modern and advanced features.

It might be amazing to note down here that Guinness World Records has recorded the Washlet Zoë toilet, product of “Toto Neorest Company” as the most sophisticated toiled of the world with several advanced features.

Toto has been responsible for evolution of new series of advanced toilets in Japan from year 1980, when it came up with Washlet G Series and since then all advanced or modern toilets in Japan are now known as Washlet.

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  • Toilet has a seat that can be adjusted for different temperature levels from 30 to 40 degree centigrade.
  • Music can be played to relax you in toilet.
  • The surface of the toilet is resistant to germs and there is automatic flushing and air deodorizing.
  • Lid of the toilet closes automatically after flushing.
  • Some toilets have features such as ozone deodorant system that removes the smell instantly and toilet glows in dark.
  • Toilet paper is replaced automatically.


Though Washlet are equipped with modern technology buttons and advanced features the guideline of the toilet as well as the button labels are in Japanese language and thus, makes it difficult for foreigners not well versed in Japanese language.


  • Quite a piece of art that is. I wonder if people spend a lot of time in the toilet if it’s so entertaining.

  • that\’s really out of the ordinary. if these types of toilets are in the market ever since 1980 how come very few people know about this?

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