Which Female Comic Book Character Should I be?

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1st Oct 2012 - 10 comments
American comics are rife with fantastic and unusual characters of the female persuasion. Some may have great combat skills and resources while others may... 

Beautiful Women: Do You Like Blondes with Tattoos?

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1st Oct 2012 - 0 comment
Then you’ll love at first sight of Emma Mae! Although professional porn actress is not all it appears pictorials are content + 18.  For example,... 

The Macaque Monkeys of Lasang Secret Adventure Park

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1st Oct 2012 - 16 comments
                 Lasang Secret Adventure Park is one of the present tourist attractions of Misamis Oriental,... 

Need Concentration? Expand Poster Funny Work Desk

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1st Oct 2012 - 0 comment
If you need to concentrate on doing the things that need precision, avoid installing the idol band poster in the workplace. Replace with cute animals... 

Primary on The Internet Online Marketing

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29th Sep 2012 - 0 comment
We all would really like to make a little more money. Sometimes just a little to complement their earnings could be a big help. These days it is simpler... 

General Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

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28th Sep 2012 - 0 comment
Like any means of conveyance, motorcycles require a bit of upkeep to stay on the road and retain fuel economy. Fortunately, you won’t need any advanced... 

Vote for Me, Ge

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27th Sep 2012 - 0 comment
Dear GE, I’m sorry that my comments in those videos on YouTube may have hurt you. I certainly understand how you feel. After all, corporations are... 

The Batman & Robin Adventures #18: Joker’s Last Laugh Review

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27th Sep 2012 - 0 comment
Batman: The Animated Series is easily the greatest Batman TV series ever. But something I never see anyone mention about the series, asides from Mad Love,... 

Whats to Say/the Best is Yet to Come!

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27th Sep 2012 - 0 comment
I am having writers block big time today, not in mood for much of anything. Thoughts are running in my head like,  you made your bed now you have... 

Some More Funny Random Thoughts I Have

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26th Sep 2012 - 0 comment
you’re talking to someone and you ask them a question, then they ask, “who me?” no, who else am i talking to? let’s say i hate...