Political Sideshow

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3rd Jun 2012 - 0 comment
    The existence of the current political parties and their underlying ideals are absolutely limiting, creating an impossible situation... 

Random Musings

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1st Jun 2012 - 7 comments
1)      My brother is totally in love with Nikki. Just the other day, she ate up all the chicken that he bought for lunch and... 

Sister’s Working Me to Death

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1st Jun 2012 - 12 comments
Child, I’m so tired I can’t hardly drag one foot in front of the other. LeRoy just goes around sniggering and keeps telling me if I want to... 

Why? And How Do These Things Happen?

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31st May 2012 - 37 comments
Weird things happen around the house and I always find myself asking; Why and How do these things happen!? Like… How do my curtains get that one... 

Morel Mushrooms

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30th May 2012 - 1 comment
Morchella Esculenta (L.) This nice Morel mushroom is as big as my hand.  Now I’m sure others have found bigger and nicer morels but this... 

Hayden Christensen Talks Star Wars Memories!!

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29th May 2012 - 0 comment
  Movie Blog Magazine recently ran into the ultra-cool and always nice, Hayden Christensen, who ten yrs ago was hand picked by George Lucas himself... 

Police Shoot Naked Cannibal During Zombie Attack in Miami

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28th May 2012 - 0 comment
The officer…approached and sawthat the naked man was actually chewing the other man’s head, according to witnesses. The officer ordered the... 

Lady Gaga, Bob Hope and The Fake Rolex

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28th May 2012 - 0 comment
So Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity to find that the east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.  So what did she do or say?   Well,... 

Are You a Jerk? – How to Not be an Idiot, a Scumbag, a Douche, a Bad Friend

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27th May 2012 - 6 comments
We all know our jerks. Our scumbags. The people we hate and wish they died. But are you one of them? Being a Jerk is easier than you expect. Sometimes,... 

He Son Was Sentenced, Parents Make Fake Porno Principal Accounts

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26th May 2012 - 0 comment
Photos: Cnet 34-year-old man who was upset because Hendricsen assiten who now serves as principal at Higley Unified School District took he son’s...