Little Minds at Large: I’m Thinking of an Animal Game

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1st Oct 2013 - 0 comment
Dearest Readers, Unbelievable as it may sound, this is my 100th Little Minds at Large comic!  Phew!  What is so astonishing about this feat... 

Eight Characteristic of The Man Who Turns Women on

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There never was a successful man without the woman next to him smart. And there was never a happy and successful women without men following figure in... 

The legendary saga unfolds in a series

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30th Sep 2013 - 0 comment
. This is a voyage unlike any other and that too in more ways than one obviously. This is one voyage that takes travellers through the deepest and most... 

Comprehensive List of Adjectives

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A aback abaft abandoned abashed aberrant abhorrent abiding abject ablaze  Подробнее →

How to be a Better Have a Nervous Tic Streamer

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How to Be a Better Have a nervous tic Streamer While it may seem that loading on Have a nervous is all about the activities, the truth is it’s... 

Films to Make You Smile When You’re Pretty Sad

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27th Sep 2013 - 0 comment
The insane hurry that each day life has ended up makes it ordinary for you to feel down sometimes. You may feel that the entire planet is against you or... 

Top Ten Things Your GPS Wants to Say to You

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25th Sep 2013 - 0 comment
Top 10 Things Your GPS Unit Wants To Say To You     10.       “Recalculating . . . *sigh* . . . again.”   9.        ... 

Opposed, Bull Race with Fixed Violence Continues

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Despite opposition from Regional Coordinating Madurese ( Bakorwil ) Madura IV , implementation of selection systems karapan cows with violence ( rekeng... 


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Being the charter (and only) member of this club, I think it is time to come clean. Hi, my name is D and I had an imaginary friend while I was... 

Four Incredibly Offensive T-shirts You’ll Wear Anyways

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19th Sep 2013 - 0 comment
“I put the cute in execute” You like cute things? You like executions? Cool this shirt is for you. You can buy it . “Showers” Sure...