The Clerks in The Scriptorium Have Told Me Conflicting Things

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31st Aug 2013 - 0 comment
They all agree that she was killed by wolflings on her way home from a visit to her family in Ense.” To Corry‟s surprise, Syrill‟s expression... 

―leesha Hated Demitri and for a Good Reason.‖

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30th Aug 2013 - 0 comment
―You think she‘d hate you, too, if you knew you took after him?‖ ―I know it.‖ ―I don‘t think Leesha‘s as weak as you imagine.‖... 

Funny Best Man’s Speech Tips

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29th Aug 2013 - 0 comment
Cracking jokes as the Best man while you are giving your speech at a close pals’ wedding requires humour. At the end of the day, you want to add... 

Boa Constrictor Seen Eating Howler Monkey in a First

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28th Aug 2013 - 0 comment
If a snake eats a monkey in the forest and no one sees it, does it make a difference? New evidence suggests that it does. For the first time, scientists... 

An Introduction to Virtual Reference Monitoring technology

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27th Aug 2013 - 0 comment
Assuming that the answer is “no”, we will just go straight ahead. Have you ever heard of VRM? It is likely that, unless you are very knowledgeable... 

Funny Job :)

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Today i am going to write a story of my friend Suleman who has been looking for a job and many times who made funny decisions. Suleman couldn’t find... 

In The Bathroom with Me?

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25th Aug 2013 - 0 comment
Hey there this is a very old vid of mine that i uploaded well , long time ago and i am just giving it so you can watch something while i am working on... 

Funny Story : Asked The Teacher to The Students

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Funny story is needed for people to relieve boredom, especially for people who are always busy with work or busy due to study, because the saturation... 

Google Dog and The Scary Bowl

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Google is our family pet, a Shih-Tzu mix, and he has provided more family fun and entertainment than the pool, the trampoline and all toys and games we... 

Funny Thing is Bear’s Doing Dance Gangnam Style with Perfect

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Who says rocking Gangnam Style is over? Although now the world are enjoying the unique dance Psy in single Gentleman, but Gangnam Style remains phenomenal....