The Stress, Chocolate Brownie and Pandemonium Diet.

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8th Oct 2006 - 0 comment
Recently, my grandmother, who is in her ninth decade with a personality looking forward to its first, a woman who has wasted her entire life pretending... 

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs.

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26th Sep 2006 - 18 comments
Everyone knows that cats and dogs are as different as night and day, but you may have never tried to figure out all the ways in which they differ. The... 

Who Would Win

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24th Sep 2006 - 0 comment
Boxer vs. Big Foot- Big foot would win. The boxer would be quick but than again big foot is 8ft tell and is a superstitious species. Big foot vs. alligator-... 

If A Fly on the Wall Could Talk, What it would Say!

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19th Sep 2006 - 0 comment
It's a good thing that God designed insects so they could not speak, because those little critters see an awful lot. Just imagine what they would... 

Baby Gift Horror!

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13th Sep 2006 - 0 comment
The baby shower is here! Look at all these gifts ! Now your set for the whole first year of the new baby. Now what’s the catch? After your baby... 

Help! I’ve Lost My Password Again.

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10th Sep 2006 - 2 comments
I don’t know who thought up the concept of using both numbers and letters for computer passwords, but if I ever meet that person or persons, I’m... 

Uncle Terry

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7th Sep 2006 - 0 comment
A couple of years ago, my husband, Adam, was a crew member aboard the Adirondack: a schooner located at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. The boat sails around... 

He May Rule the Roost, But She Rules the Rooster.

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7th Sep 2006 - 0 comment
I have been a chicken farmer long enough now to know that chickens have a certain etiquette that they must follow. During feeding times it becomes a free-for-all,... 

I Can’t Drive Twenty-Five

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2nd Sep 2006 - 0 comment
I drive a little car with a lot of get up and go. That car can easily coast at about 40 miles per hour, so driving through town in spots where the speed... 

Stuttering Sally Says World Of Cyberspace Is A Cesspool

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1st Sep 2006 - 0 comment
My life stutters sometimes, even my thoughts stutter at times. But I guess everybody has this experience. Why else would they say; “You’re... 

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