Stuttering Sally Says Not A Voyeur Just An Observer

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1st Sep 2006 - 0 comment
For years now I have frequented cyberspace, public-opinion forums from different planets. Most often I only observe. That’s right, I’m a cyberspace... 

Stuttering Sally Cyberspace Traveler

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1st Sep 2006 - 0 comment
Today my cyberspace travels landed me on a planet called Irony. Apparently these Beings from Irony had a bone to pick and insults to sling at these human... 

Stuttering Sally Reformed Thrill Seeker

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1st Sep 2006 - 1 comment
Personal Statement: “I Only Run With Sizzors Now!” Recently I realized some people have developed a mental disorder... 

Who Invented the QWERTY Keyboard Anyway?

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26th Aug 2006 - 7 comments
I learned how to touch-type in High School, working on an old electric typewriter. Of course, back then it was considered “old” to have to use the... 

If Dust Grew On Trees, I Would Cut Down the Orchard.

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23rd Aug 2006 - 1 comment
Dust. The stuff is insidious. It doesn’t matter how many times a week you dust it all grows back again in a matter of seconds. You wipe it away, it... 

Doors Only Open When You Don’t Have Your Hands Full.

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21st Aug 2006 - 0 comment
It never fails. It happens when I’m carrying a load of groceries in from the car, and of course I can’t carry just one bag or two, I have to carry... 

Cauliflower Comes In How Many Colors?

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20th Aug 2006 - 0 comment
It used to be that all cauliflower, no matter where purchased or for how much, was always either one of two colors, white or brown, depending on its freshness... 

How to Lose Yourself in Atlanta

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19th Aug 2006 - 0 comment
I’m from the North, but on my one excursion through Atlanta I was surprised to have successfully made it all the way from one end of the city to the... 

Big Foot I’m Not

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18th Aug 2006 - 0 comment
Okay, I admit it. I wear children’s shoes. I can fit into a size 2 ½, which probably places me easily into the Pygmy category. Shrimp, midget, dwarf,... 

You Name It, They Got It.

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14th Aug 2006 - 0 comment
I have noticed something about the internet. It doesn’t really matter what you type in to your search engine, you will find it on the internet. I tried... 

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