Strange Expressions I Don’t Understand

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11th Feb 2017 - 0 comment
Some expressions need explaining here are a few. Strange Expressions This expression I don’t understand “Legally Drunk.” Does that mean I can drive... 

A Collection for The Bankers

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2nd Jan 2017 - 0 comment
I am taking a collection for the bankers so far I have 10 gallons of gasoline and a lighter.  You have got to give the bankers credit today, because... 

Llama’s with Hat’s Quadrilogy

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24th Nov 2016 - 3 comments
Obviously not the product of my handywork, but something I really think should be shared with the world. Llamas With Hats has already been seen by thousands,... 

Ten Things a Man Should be Able to Do

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25th Aug 2016 - 0 comment
Ten things every man should be able to do. As a woman I think I might get into trouble for this. I know all men are different but I think that there are...