A Collection for The Bankers

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2nd Jan 2017 - 0 comment
I am taking a collection for the bankers so far I have 10 gallons of gasoline and a lighter.  You have got to give the bankers credit today, because... 

Jokes to Make You Snicker

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25th Nov 2016 - 0 comment
I’m sharing these jokes I found in the Good News Weekly. I hope they give you a laugh or two, just as they did me. Enjoy. First Things First Asking the... 

Funny Jokes & Funny Quotes

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17th Oct 2016 - 0 comment
Enjoy yourself. Have a laugh.   Yo mama’s so old, when she was in school there was no history class. Yo mama’s so fat, her driver’s license... 

Laughing Out Loud. LOL Guide. Laughter Quotes & Free Jokes

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25th Sep 2016 - 0 comment
Want to have fun and a few laughs? Read on. A preview of a very FUNNY, FREE book of jokes. A lot of things go on when you’re a kid that you don’t... 

Catch The Humor-online Jokes

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21st Jul 2016 - 0 comment
“Why did the monster have a dead man for any drive in the car? While he would be a car-case!” So what can be the greatest method to start your...