The Tea Party Movement – Valid Political Expression or Just Another Bunch of Nuts?

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22nd Dec 2016 - 0 comment
Begun in widely separated locations in 2009 in response to federal spending and a rising deficit, the Tea Party movement has spread across the country.... 

Good Ol’ Bush Making Me Roll Around Laughing My Ass Off

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5th Dec 2016 - 0 comment
I love these video clips with Bush saying silly things. Apologies if I got anything wrong myself, parts of it was not as clear as I would’ve liked. This... 

King Michael, a Russian Magazine Hitler Always Hated Me. Antonescu Did Not Respected Me and Ignored Me

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1st Dec 2016 - 0 comment
“Let’s go” – a man long past the age of youth, dressed in a blue tracksuit suit, he twisted the key in the ignition of the car firmly Volkswagen. Embarrassed,... 

Scarce Syndrome Change Normal Human to be Cannibals

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18th Nov 2016 - 0 comment
Wendigo Psychosis is the name of a disease or syndrome that makes the sufferers feel like eating human flesh. Interestingly, the disease is only about... 

Awesome Blonde Joke #1: Boat Trouble

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7th Oct 2016 - 0 comment
From About a dumb blonde who can’t start a boat. Check out more stories and jokes at During...