Actionsammy’s Dating Tips: Signs That He’s About to Propose

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17th Jan 2017 - 0 comment
How to tell that a man is about to pop the big question. 1. He’s extra helpful. If your guy shows a sudden interest in doing dishes or picking out... 

50 Really Isn’t Fatal

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22nd Nov 2016 - 0 comment
I turned 50. Who knew? Last week I turned 50. Honestly, I never thought that I would live this long. I really should have made better plans. I should have... 

Awesome Blonde Joke #1: Boat Trouble

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7th Oct 2016 - 0 comment
From About a dumb blonde who can’t start a boat. Check out more stories and jokes at During... 

Porn for Women

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3rd Aug 2016 - 0 comment
Porn For Women They always emphasize that men are the ones who buy 90% of pornography. For the sake of argument lets say the numbers are true! So lets...