Lucidity Wavers

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23rd Mar 2017 - 3 comments
A Reportage From A Disintegrating Reality (part 4) For some time I had been at this exquisite party.  It resembled something like a red carpet event... 

Get the Kids To Express Themselve

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14th Mar 2017 - 0 comment
Children love to make a mess. Children love to make a mess. It may not be their intention but they inevitably get dirty and when it comes to their early... 

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Big Blue Ball Machine – Warning Video is NOT Recommended for Men

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21st Sep 2016 - 1 comment
Born Frederick Wong, Freddie is a Chinese American filmmaker, musician, VFX expert and e-Sports player. He maintains two highly popular YouTube channels,... 

Father Puts Son in Tumble Dryer

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30th Jul 2016 - 0 comment
What was he thinking? It was supposedly a prank, one that could have ended in heartbreak. A father put his infant son in the dryer not realizing that...