10 Cool, Awe Inspiring, Nearly Pointless Facts

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27th Jul 2009
  1. Cold things don’t give off the cold, they take in the heat.
  2. Every time you move your muscles, 100’s of millions of tiny molecules call adenozine triphospahte are broken down into adenozine diphosphate and energy to make your muscle move.
  3. Eating celery burns more calories than is actually in the celery itself.
  4. Drinking cold water helps to burn calories. Your body has to heat up the water to absorb it. Heating the water up is what burns the fat.
  5. People who aren’t or don’t speak German sound funny when trying to speak it.
  6. Women get a heroine like rush from hearing themselves talk.
  7. Jumping on a grenade that’s just landed in your trench to use yourself as a human sacrifice will work and save all the other men in your trench.
  8. Emos are funny.
  9. We are closely related to primates
  10. I’m not sure why you’re reading this.