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10 Disgusting Facts About The Human Body

Published by pond in Trivia
February 18th, 2010


1. Fresh urine is cleaner than spit or the skin on your face because healthy pee does not hold any bacteria.

2. About ten billion tiny pieces of skin rub off your body EVERY DAY. In a your own lifetime, you could fill eighteen sugar bags with your own dead skin.

3. Your mouth is one of the busiest parts of your whole body (creature wise). More than 100,000,000 micro-creatures live there at any one time.

4. Your feet sweat enough to fill 91 1/4 cups each year.

5. In rural Germany people used to place their own feces piles in their front yards. The bigger the piles meant the wealthier the people in the house.

6. Coprophagy is the word used for fecal eating. 

7. Antarctic sea stars feast upon seal fecal matter

8. An average human will produce a total of 25,000 gallons of spit in their lifetime. That’s enough to fill a swimming pool.

9. Many children are able to vomit at will, and some child psychologists say the best way to stop a child from doing this for attention is to make the child eat it afterward as a sort of “punishment”.

10. When a person pees, a small amount of urine enters the mouth from the saliva glands.

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