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20 Little Known Facts About Australia

Published by laidbacklife in Trivia
December 5th, 2009

Want to know more about Australia and Australians? Try these amazing facts.

Outside of Australia (with the exception of close neighbours New Zealand) very little is known about the true facts of Australia and the people who inhabit this large island country.

Fact #1- All Australians have a Christian name, a middle name, a surname and a nickname.  The nickname comes between the middle and surnames, and it is always a variation of their Christian or surname.  For example, someone with a name “Darren James McIntosh” would have a name “Darren James Dazza McIntosh” or “Darren James Macca McIntosh”.  Another example is “Elizabeth Jane Smith” would become “Elizabeth Jane Bessy Smith” or “Elizabeth Jane Smitty Smith”.  This nickname is officially added at a naming ceremony when any Australian turns 13 years old.  It is up to the parents whether they nickname the Christian or surname.

Fact #2 - The majority of Australians are left-handed.  This is only because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, and therefore are ruled strongly by the right side of their brains.

Fact #3 - A common misconception of Australia is that Kangaroos roam free through the city and live in the backyards of peoples homes.  This is simply untrue.  Kangaroos have had to live in grassland and bushy areas ever since croodiles have moved into more highly populated areas.  It all started with the popularity of the movie “Crocodile Dundee” in the mid-80’s and Australians wanted to keep crocodiles as pets.  Once the breeding started, the kangaroos moved out, never to be seen near crocodiles again.

Fact #4- The Australian dollar is called the “Goldy”.  Unlike most other countries, the 1 goldy coin isn’t round, it is shaped like a small gold nugget.  You can buy a loaf of bread for approximately 3 goldys.

Fact #5 – While it is well known Australia used to be a place where England would send their convicts, it is not that well known that the very first convict sent turned out to be Australia’s very first Prime Minister.  Ironically, the crime that sent Prime Minister Ned Kelly to Australia in the first place was for the attempted assassination of the then British Prime Minister W.G Grace.

Fact #6 – Australians are legally allowed to drink alcohol at age 15.  The legal age to start driving is also 15.  However, due to strict drink-driving laws, Australians are not allowed to consume more that 12 cans/glasses of alcohol before they drive a vehicle.

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