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30 Trivia Facts About February

Published by desertsister in Trivia
January 16th, 2011

Really interesting and not really known trivia facts about the second month of the year, February.

February– 30 Trivia and Facts

The month of Love (Valentine’s Day) also has some very weird legends and facts many people might not know.  The months of January and February were add-ons to our present calendar, when it changed from 10 months to 12 month Roman calendar by Numa Pompilous, somewhere around 700BC. It was the last month of their calendar year until 450 BC, when it became the second month of the Roman year when the Julian calendar was derived. Ultimatelythe Gregorian calendar reforms made some changes to that determined which years were leap years and when February would be 28 days or 29 days long.

During the days of the playwright Shakespeare, 400 years ago, the month was known as “Feverell”. It has only been in modern times, the past 150 years it has taken on the name we know as February.


Here are some more weird and unusual facts and trivia:

1.       The Anglo-Saxon’s called February — Solmonath, meaning mud month.

2.       The Finnish people, called February helmikuu, meaning “month of the pearl”.

  1. The February birthstone is the amethyst, which symbolizes piety, humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity.

4.       Did you know February is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon, because it only has 29 days most years?

5.       February was named after the Latin word februum, which means purification which is associated with the ancient Roman purification ritual Februa that was held on February 15 each year.

6.       In the Southern Hemisphere of the earth February is a warm month in the Northern Hemisphere it is a winter. Cold and icy month.

  1. Groundhog Day: Is February 2, as celebrated in United States and Canada. But it is also known as CANDLEMAS DAY in the Christian faith (the festival of lights). It has been said that the Christmas Season lasted until Candlemas or 40 days after December 25th.
  2. February 4th is Independence Day in Sri Lanka.

9.      In New Zealand February 6th is Waitangi Day .

10.  February 14th is of course Valentine’s Day

11.  February 15th is Flag Day in Canada

12.  The 3rd Monday in February is Presidents Day in the USA; celebrating both Lincoln’s Birthday and George Washington’s Birthday.

13.  February 24th is Flag Day in Mexico

14.  The whole month of February is a celebration of Black History in the USA and Canada.

15.  America celebrates February as Feed the Birds Month.

16.  The birth flower for February is the Violet.

17.  It is also Avocado and Banana month…so eat one every day! Ha-ha

18.  National Condom Month is celebrated in February in America!!!

19.  Some celebrate February as “Spunky Old Broads: Month.

20.  The National Jell-O Week is celebrated from Feb. 6 – 12 each year in the USA.

21.  February 5th is World Nutella Day.

22.  February 12th is Paul Bunyan Day.

23.  February 20th is “Love Your Pet Day”.

24.  February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day.

25.  Native Americans in the Great Lakes region of America (Hurons & 6 Nations) call a full moon on the 28th day of February a “Snow Moon” because heavy snowfalls are seen many years at this time.

26.  The flower called a “snowdrop” sometimes is seen in February and is said to be a sign of Hope.

27.  Remember Shrove Tuesday is in February and it begins the 40 days before Easter for Christians. It is also known as Fat Tuesday.

28.  February 14th, 1929 will be remembered in Chicago as the day of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre: Prohibition Era gangland event that lives on in history between Al Capone and Bugs Moran.

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29.  Oregon became the first US State to place a tax on gasoline for autos:  February 25th 1919 (1 cent levy).

30.  Lastly, on February 1st, 1949, RCA Records issued the first 45rpm single song vinyl record (the jukebox would soon follow and new music era would start).

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    The Julian calendar came about around 45BC not 450BC

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