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Famous in Belgium

Published by writing4angels in Trivia
October 13th, 2009

Belgium is famous for beer and grapes.

Belgium is famous for many things and events. Let us have a quick look at famous things in Belgium:

  • Cartoons are famous in Belgium and there are cartoon museums with famous characters such as Tintin and smurfs.
  • Classical songs from the band “De Gantwerp Rappers” are famous in Belgium.
  • Belgium is famous for its chocolates.
  • Belgium is famous for its lace.
  • Belgium is famous for the city of Antwerp, which in turn is famous for diamonds.
  • Belgium is famous for fries, waffles and beers.
  • Belgium is famous for amazing cheese and great grapes.
  • Belgium is famous for its capital Brussels considered as a place to visit for great architecture, palaces, pubs and shopping malls.

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