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August History and Unusual Trivia Facts

Published by desertsister in History
July 27th, 2010

Interesting article about some common and uncommon facts about the often hot and sultry month of August.

The hot and sticky month of August was named after Julius Ceasar’s grandnephew Augustus.

The Roman Senate named a month after General Augustus once he became emperor of the Empire; which happened after his legions defeated Cleopatra and Marc Anthony in battle. The Senate also changed the number of days in the month to 31, so the month would have as many as Julius Ceasar’s month, July, had. It became the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.

1. The precious stone of August is a Peridot and Onyx. The Gladiolus and Poppy are both known as the August flower.

2. But did you know August is:  Women’s Small Business Month; Admit You’re Happy Month; National Psoriasis Awareness Month; National Sandwhich Month; National Catfish Month; Black Business Month; Panini Month; Happiness Happens Month and Inventor’s Month.

3. The month of August was originally called Sextilius (Latin).

4. August 6th is “Wiggle your Toes Day”.

5. One of the world’s most famous meteor showers, the Perseids, happens in the middle of August every year.

6. August 1st, is Swiss National Day, a public holiday in Switzerland.

7. August 5th, International Beer Day.

8. On August 6th, 1945, Hiroshima was bombed by the USA trying to stop WWII; and three days later the Japanese city of Nagasakiwas also bombed with a nuceal bomb. This has been the only use of nuclear weapons against humans.

9. Did you know August 9th is National Women’s Day in South Africa?

10. August 15, 1945, Korea became an independent country.

11. On August 21st, 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States of America.

12. The Pennsic War, a rather huge gathering of the Society for Creative Anachronism, takes place around the first week of August every year.

13. During the first week of August in Sweden, the Medieval Week of Wisby in Gotland is held every year.

14. The annual World’s Longest Yardsale starts on the first Thursday in August along US Rte 127 (through Tennessee and Kentucky), and continues four days through the weekend, ending on Sunday.

15. In Chung Yuan, China they hold halfway through the ’Ghost Month’of August, the Chinese party to appease the spirits of the ancient ones.

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