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Causes and Effects of the Revolutionary War

Published by Bella Sokal in History
March 22nd, 2009

Discusses the causes of the Revolutionary War.

The causes, as well as the effects of the struggle between America and Great Britain started in 1492 when Christopher Columbus left Spain in search of a trade route to India. Instead, in 1498 he reached a large country that Columbus thought was India. Actually, it was really an area settled by native Americans, whom Columbus called “Indians” because he thought he was in India. Soon, Englishmen would sail there in the hope of finding a new life. Though they did find a new life, it was not the one they expected. They had to battle disease and work very hard just to survive, and hardly any made it through the first winter they spent in the new land. That new land became known as America. But with practice, the English settlers began to get used to American life. Soon more and more Englishmen were sailing to America. They formed colonies. A ship of women and children arrived. Soon there were 13 colonies and they had schools and their own forms of a government. But then Britain decided to interfere. In 1725 Britain issued a stamp act which taxed Americans for tea, newspaper, stamps, and British goods. America rebelled. They refused to buy any British products. Finally Britain recalled all the taxes except the one on tea. This led to the Boston tea party, where Americans dressed as Indians and threw crates of British tea into the Boston harbor. But for this, Britain angrily closed the British harbor. Now no supplies could be imported into Boston. However, that’s when the other colonies come in. They gave Boston everything they needed until Boston’s port opened again. This was one of the first examples of the colonies sticking up for each other. These individual settlings were beginning to come together. But all of this was making Great Britain angry. In 1775 war broke out between America and Great Britain. By 1776, the colonists had declared themselves with the Declaration of Independence and by 1783 after a bloody and gruesome war Britain was forced to recognize the freedom of America.  After that the Articles of Confederation were written. They made the Congress much too weak, and would be disposed of. The constitution would take its place. A president would be elected, and life would go on. The world would keep turning. A long chapter in history had just closed, and a new one was beginning. From there, America would grow and grow and grow. It would become a model for many other important revolutions to come. After all those causes, the effect was big.

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