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Quick History Facts About 1920’s

Published by Neal Patel in History
December 2nd, 2010

Quick facts used in school for a quick A.

These following facts, and information will tell you the major parts in the 1920’s. I myself have used this in school to get an easy A. Hope this helps!

First of all, the 1920’s decade was known as “The Roaring Twenties.” It was called this because of the fast growing economy in America, and development in civilization during 1920’s. 


There were 4 presidents during this decade. They were: Woodrow Wilson (March 1913-March1921), Warren G. Harding (March 1921-March 1923), Calvin Coolidge (March 1923-March 1929), and finally Herbert Hoover(March 1929-March 1933.)


During this time the sports that were played were: American Football, Soccer, very little golf played, basketball, cricket, baseball, tennis, running, and many other small sports. Though during this time American football and golf were growing in popularity. While soccer and baseball was at the peek. 


The fashion/trends during this decade was long dresses for girls. Usually a formal dress with little or no body shown. Later on through the year though, the dresses got shorter. For men its was nothing particular. Was jean pants, a shirt, and short to medium length hair. So its was a decade where they wore comfortable clothes. Not too fancy, and not too shaby.


As we all know it 1919 was the end of WW1. So the wars had ceased for some time. But not a bit into the 1920’s had war broke out. America was in debt so stayed neutral with many countries, so they just helped out as much as they could.


During this whole decade scientist were focused on the DNA. How its structure was, and how to add onto it and amend it. Some famous scientist were: Einstein, Neils Bohr, Tesla Nikola, and many more.


This was the decade where a guys best companion was invented. Yes the T.V. It was invented during this decade, and was a huge hit. Another thing we still use today was mainstream radio. Yes, it was invented 90 some years ago. Yet we still love the joy a radio gives us today. 


I’m pretty sure you all know this one. Jazz was the king of music during this time. Originally played by the African Americans who had invented it. It was loved by all race, one of the famous artist during this decade was Duke Ellington.


Transportation as we all know wasn’t that big 90 years ago. There weren’t any Ferrari’s, Mercedes, Bugatti, etc. There was old Chevy, Buick, Nash, etc. cars. So yes, their was no speed back then as we call today. Though there were many car related deaths due to no speed limit, no seat belts, and no airbags.

Well this is all for know, if you wish to get more info please comment. Hope this was Useful!

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