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The Mystery of Flying Humanoids

Published by Bruce W. Harden in History
August 19th, 2009

A recent television documentary has renewed interest in human-like beings that fly.

People have been reporting humanoids that fly since at least 1880.  Most have bat-like wings.  The most recent flurry of sightings have occurred in Mexico.

Paranormal researcher Stephen Wagner reports some of the historic sightings of flying humanoids.  In 1880, several people saw a man with bat-like wings flying at about 1,000 feet over Coney Island, Brooklyn.  In Chehalis, Washington, many witnesses reported seeing a flying man in 1948.  Hovering 20 feet above a barn, the man was in an upright position.

In Brazil in the early 1950s, a couple saw what they first thought was a couple of birds.  However, they turned out to be two man-like beings about six feet tall.  In 1952, another man thought he was seeing birds while on guard duty at Camp Okubu near Kyoto, Japan.  But once again, it was a strange flying creature.  Three people saw a winged being land in a nearby tree.  It looked like a man with bat-like wings. 

There are three types of flying creatures being seen: (l) Humanoids with bat-like wings; (2) humanoids without wings that fly unassisted; and (3) non-human beings that look like monsters or robots.  Even the cases in which the humanoids appear to be flying by some artificial means were using technology that had not been invented yet.

Mexico has been the scene of the latest wave of flying humanoids.  The date: January 17, 2004.  The place: Guadalupe, Mexico.  The time:  3:15 a.m.  A police officer saw a black mass touch the ground.  It turned into a black-haired woman wearing a black dress.  The woman started walking towards him when the police officer put his car in reverse.

Her eyes were completely black, including the parts that are normally white.  She flew through the air and smashed against the windshield of the car.

Salvador Guerrero is one of the most respected sky watcher in Mexico with hours of video tapes of unidentified flying objects.  But even he was amazed by a sighting he made in March, 2000.  Guerrero taped a solid, dark flying object with a human form with legs and arms visible.  This was the beginning of a wave of sightings of flying humanoids in Mexico. 

A sky watcher named Amado Marquez videotaped a “little man” flying horizontally in a standing position.  According to the newspaper La Prensa , an airline pilot sighted a little flying man during their descent into the Mexico City airport.  The copilot also witnessed the sighting.  On February 14, 2004, Ana Luisa Cid videotaped a large dark object.  It had a black body below and a structure above.

The flying humanoid sightings continue to be reported in Mexico.

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  1. Turing
    Posted August 19, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Funny! Try http://purpleslinky.com/humor/maybe-we-should-build-more-libraries/

  2. jay
    Posted December 19, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    Back a few years ago around 1995 I was in new rochelle ny with my uncle when I looked up at the stars and I noticed a human like form flying above us with bat like wings. What do you think this could be

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