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Throwing an End of Tax Season Party

Published by irenen1 in History
February 17th, 2010

The process of filing state and local income tax returns is very trying to say the least. Relieve the season stress by throwing a party tongue in cheek.

The process of filing state and local income tax returns is very trying for most of us to say the least. To relieve the season stress how about throwing a party to poke fun at what we’ve been through.

Calling this affair a Welcome To The Poorhouse Party will give your invited guests a hint of what to expect. As a potluck, guests can be encouraged to provide their favorite budget stretching casserole dish. An alternative is to ask guests to bring a nonperishable food item that will be donated to a local food bank or soup kitchen.

For decor, a white paper table runner made out as a check to the IRS or Uncle Sam is fun. For lighting use up all those half burnt candles. Plain paper products from the dollar store will round out your table setting. Photocopies of tax forms can be hung from the ceiling with ribbon or twine. Photocopied receipts can be attached to one long string to hang along a wall.

If you are supplying the food, keep to the poorhouse theme. Make a pot of chicken soup and serve with a ladle right at the table along with a platter of simple sandwiches like cheese, tuna salad, or PB&J. A platter of hotdogs can be accompanied by a pot of baked beans. A pot of vegetable hearty chili can be served with a bag of corn chips or nachos.

Beverages carry the theme also. Consider BYOB. Jug or box wine served in clear plastic cups is fine. A small keg beer is appropriate. A punch bowl of lemonade or koolaid can be spiked depending on guest preference and age appropriateness.

Consider games such as musical chairs, charades, tax trivia, best tax nightmare story, or poker. Prizes can be awarded such as loaves of thrift store bread, candy bars, grocery store or gas station (ration tickets) gift certificates.

This party theme is fun, inexpensive and a good winter break. 

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