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Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzle One

Published by John McLeod in Trivia
March 16th, 2011

Are you a pre-med student or working as a health care practitioner and like to challenge your knowledge? Then try this crossword puzzle and see how much you know or learn new words you do not know.

1. Referring to the center of a structure
6. _____coria; asymmetric pupils
11. Inner knee ligament (abbrev.)
14. The under surface of the foot
15. Occurring on the 9th day
16. An edge or margin
17. Relating to the inion
18. Of equal oncotic pressure
20. Having many branches
22. ____raction; act of diverting
23. _______ albicans; intestinal organism
27. _____ myelitis; viral infection that may lead to paralysis
28. Lipogranuloma
29. Masculinity
32. ____itude; a sense of weariness
33. _____uria; blood in the urine
34. Between the metacarpal bones
41. Relating to the blood
42. ____dysphoria; abnormal dislike of certain odors
43. Opposite the apex
47. Eyeing provocatively
49. _____itis; penis head inflammation
50. Congenital absence of the spinal cord
51. Like a wing
52. ______otropic; referring to weather-affected diseases
55. Potassium nitrate
57. Strong feeling of hostility
62. ___encephaly; occipital cranial defect, with brain exposed
63. _____motivity; power of spontaneous movement
64. Prefix meaning ‘the same’
65. Anodal opening contraction (abbrev.)
66. _____itis; inflammation of adipose tissue
67. Inwardly

1. ___phobia; fear of bees
2. Prefix meaning ’strange’ or ‘foreign’
3. ___acus; hip flexor
4. U.S. doctors gp.
5. ______ation; crying
6. The soul or life
7. ____mania; hypochondriacism
8. ____emia; excess fibrin in the blood
9. Of sound mind
10. ___ology; study of tumors
11. Moving
12. A significant life-changing event
13. ______uria; excretion of milk sugar in the urine
19. ____toid; tooth-shaped
21. U.S. dental grp.
23. ____tis; inflammation of the large intestine
24. ____ine; an amino acid
25. A small mass of foreign cells
26. The measured quantity of a drug
27. Prefix signifying one quadrillion
29. An element possessing conductivity of electricity and heat
30. ____gam; cavity filler
31. Any whitish, milklike liquid
33. ____chrome; the coloring matter of the blood
35. ____algia; nose pain
36. ___ism; abnormal prolongation of part of the body
37. Behavior pattern individuals present to others
38. ____osis; falling out of the hair
39. ____otic; fetus-surrounding fluid
40. ____phasia; inability to speak
43. Inability to walk
44. Prefix referring to the penis or clitoris
45. Relating to mutism
46. A portion
47. ___dynia; shoulder pain
48. Of a convoluted or ring shape
50. _____itis; inflamed ear
52. Denature
53. Feminine suffix
54. Prefix signifying one trillion
56. The liquid product of inflammation
58. ___ism; dwarfishness
59. The intestine or stomach
60. 7th letter of the Greek alphabet
61. Photoreceptor in the retina for dim light vision

Answers to follow soon!

From Medi-Cross: 100 Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzles

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