Puzzle Pirates: Solo Sloop Pillage Guid

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22nd Mar 2017

This is a detailed guide to show the best way of running a solo sloop pillage! Using this guide, you will be making a few thousand PoE in an hour!

When you go on a solo sloop pillage, you will have yourself and 3 bots.  4 people is the minimum you should ever staff a sloop with, as you should always have each of the stations covered (bilging, carpentry, sailing) with 2 people on the sailing station.  You will need about 15 rum and 60 small cannonballs to safely have enough stock to last 3-4 battles.

Non-Battle:  When OOB (out of battle) you should have a bot on each of the 3 main stations.  If there are any guns that need to be loaded, this is a great opportunity to practice.  Once the guns are full, check for any damage or extra bilge water in the ship.  If there is none, you may yourself take over a sailing station to make the ship move faster.  NOTE: If you are a bad sailor, send either the carpenter or bilger to the sailing station, and in turn take over their station.

In Battle:  Since you are the only human on the ship, you must battle navigate.  Try to select battles that you know you have a good chance against.  For the beginner, stick to green-ringed sloops.  For the advanced battle navigator, you may want to venture out to yellow and orange-ringed ships.  It is a common rule of thumb to try and avoid red ships when running a solo sloop pillage.

Battle Strategy:  The best way to solo a sloop in battle is to battle navigate while also performing one of the duties.  I usually choose bilging because it is very easy for me to control both of the stations at a time.  By doing this, it frees up an extra person to move over to the sails and get those much needed move tokens.

Next comes the guns.  Bots are able to gun, so take advantage of that.  You may check which of them the best at gunning by looking at their experience level by clicking on them.  Make this person your gunner.  When in battle, have this person either on carpentry or sails (this is because these 2 stations are above deck, allowing the bot to move freely between the guns and the other station).

If your ship is suffering damage, then make the sailor gun, and leave the carpenter to fix the ship.  If you have little to no damage, then use the carpenter so that you can continue to get moves for your sloop.  NOTE: Since a sloop is so small, it takes a long time for the carpentry to go up when not getting hit by cannonballs.  You almost don’t need any carpenter during a battle if you are relatively quick and able to dodge enemy fire.