Are You a Bimbo or a Himbo? Test Yourself!

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20th Apr 2009

Bet you haven’t heard of a himbo!

You’ve surely heard of a bimbo (used about someone else in a nasty way). Nowadays bimbo refers to a physically attractive but unintelligent woman. Earlier the word bimbo was used for men. One probable origin is the derivative of the Italian word bambino (child in Italian). One of the earliest uses of bimbo for women is in the 1929 silent movie Desert Nights, where a wealthy female criminal is a bimbo.

What is a Himbo?

Himbo is a new word to denote the male version of a bimbo. Like a bimbo, a himbo is noticed for outer packaging and the lack of inner depth.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The Bimbo-Himbo test

For this test you will need to:

  1. Print out this test on paper
  2. Write your answers with a pencil or a pen
  3. Show your answers to a friend (or all of them)
  4. Observe carefully if he/she is laughing


  1. What is the first name of Barack Hussein Obama?
  2. On which floor is the basement in a 56-storey building?
  3. How is your mother’s son’s/daughter’s mother related to you?
  4. What is the religion of the Pope? a) Jew b) Catholic c) Hindu d) German e) Baptist
  5. If you have 3 red apples and a green apple, how many apples do you have?
  6. There were eight kings of England, who were called Henry. The last one was Henry the Eighth. Name the previous seven.
  7. What do the letter in CIA (Central Investigation Agency) stand for?
  8. Which area in the United States produces the most apples? a) California b) Iraq c) Belgium d) Vietnam
  9. Hanging is illegal in many countries. Should they also make coat hangars illegal?

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Now that you’ve taken the test, show your answers to a friend and ask him/her to grade your answers.

Grading the Bimbo/Himbo test

You get

  • 1 point for printing this test
  • 1 point for showing your answers to a friend
  • 1 point for each question you fail to answer
  • 1 point for each wrong answer (according to your friend)

With 3 points, you are an official bimbo/himbo. But, if your friend doesn’t laugh at all and even gets offended, it’s very sure that he/she is a himbo/bimbo.

Enjoy your bimbo/himbo status!

p.s. The test and images are just for fun and are in no way intended as any insult, slur, discriminatory act, or any suggestive reference to any groups, nationalities, ethnicities, professions,  lifestyles, sexual preferences or physical characteristics such as hair colour or hairstyles of mammalian bipedal primates known as Homo Sapiens.

  • Duff D Moss

    Good fun!

  • Ujjal

    This was really funny! I want to be a himbo.

  • Jason P

    Cool. lol. It’s acceptable being a himbo, it’s even considered sexy.

  • Ari Clam

    Nice. I can relate to the himbo.

  • J Wright

    Hih! Funny.

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    Duh… I wanna f*ck that bimbo