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Halloween Jeopardy

Published by krawchuk in Quizzes
June 23rd, 2008

Amuse your friends and yourself this Halloween with Halloween-themed Jeopardy. Great for parties, school events, and trick-or-treaters.


100 – According to the National Retail Federation, The most popular Halloween costume themes are: witch, cat, clown, and this “blood-thirsty” character. (What is a vampire?)

200 – Before the introduction of this vegetable by the Americans, most British children would carve scary faces in to turnips on Halloween. (What is a pumpkin?)

300 – The fear of crossing paths with this dark animal stems from the Middle Ages where they were known for carrying the plague. (What are black cats?)

400 – In Mexico, Halloween is followed by this celebration known in Spanish as La Dia de los Muertos. (What is the Day of the Dead?)

500 – Halloween was originally started as a celebration of the eve of this religious holiday. (What is All Saints Day?)


100Daily Double – Silver bullets and full moons are two things feared by this creature. Just ask Professor Lupin. (What is a werewolf?)

200 – This “electrifying” character was named after the doctor who created him. (Who is Frankenstein?)

300 – This friendly spirit remains on earth because he has unfinished business. (Who is Casper?)

400 – This ancient fellow was and Egyptian pharaoh back in his glory days. (What is a mummy?)

500 – Being undead and in varying states of decomposition is all that is required to be this monster. (What is a zombie?)


100 – You might eat this candy if you want to “have a break”. (What is a Kit-Kat?)

200 - This popular Halloween treat is made up of cocoa butter, cocoa solids, and milk. (What is chocolate?)

300 - This candy makes “a nice light snack”. (What is Coffee Crisp?)

400 – These small pill-like candies might send you over the moon if you get them in your Halloween bag. (What are rockets or smarties?)

500 – This chocolate chewy cylindrical candy shares its name with a 1982 movie where Dustin Hoffman plays a cross-dresser. (What is a Tootsie Roll?)

Freaky Films

100 – Playing a game with a jigsaw in this movie franchise might end up with you missing a foot. (What is Saw?)

200 – Alfred Hitchcock reminds us to always be careful when taking a shower in this black and white movie. (What is Psycho?)

300 – Why the long face? This movie centres around a hooded psychopathic killer wielding a butcher’s knife. (What is Scream?)

400 - A paranormal expert and his daughter move in to an abandoned house haunted by three mischievous ghosts and one friendly one in this movie. (What is Casper?)

500 – Mary Shelley’s “electrifying” tale comes to life in this movie staring Boris Karloff. (What is Frankenstein?)


100 - You might find this monster in your closet or under your bed. (Who is the boogie man?)

200 – The name of this cheeky primate, infamous for their bare backsides. (What is a baboon?)

300 – The sound thunder makes, also a type of microphone. (What is a boom?)

400 – This fast growing plant is known for its strength and durability in construction. Pandas like it too, but for a different reason. (What is bamboo?)

500 – He was the “crazy” neighbour of the Finch family who ended up rescuing Scout by stabbing her assailant, in To Kill a Mocking Bird. (Who is Boo Radley?)

Final Jeopardy

Category: Halloween Traditions

This Halloween tradition was introduced by the Romans to celebrate Goddess Pomona whose symbol was an “apple”. (What is bobbing for apples?)

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