Mind Games for Fun

I started playing mind games with myself years ago. Little tricks that trick your mind into making life just a little easier. Here are my favorites that really help me think.

Image by via Flickr | Mind Games are Cute and good for you!

1. Time Travel

It’s Monday and you have no desire to be at work. Even tiny tasks seem monumental – your eye firmly on the clock; your hand on the next hot cappuccino. “When will the day end?” You ask yourself helplessly.

Sounds familiar? Try my, “Time Travel,” mind game.

a. Focus. Take a moment and a deep breath creating a true pause at your desk.

b. Say to yourself, “The day is going to fly by. It really is.”

c. Believe it and repeat that saying until you fully grasp it’s meaning.

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Voila! It’s 5pm and your on your way home. Note: This can be applied when waiting for busses or in any situation requiring, “time travel.”

2. I’m Beautiful; Damn it.

It’s a shocker! Your hair – do is jumping from your head. A bad hair day? Hell, yeah. You look in the mirror and you look a hundred years old. You feel vaguely nauseus but nothing a good breakfast won’t fix. You have to face the day.

Sound familiar? Try the, “I’m beautiful; Damn it!” mind trick.

a. As in the time travel mind game gather yourself for a moment in a quiet place

b. Command yourself like so…”Listen Me! Snap Out of It! I’m a fabulous looking person with magnetic attraction that all find irrestistable. I GLOW! I’m beautiful; Damn it!” Really command it! Demand it!

c. Demand it until you see it and whoosh! Out the door you go to a fresh and fabulous experience; your day ahead.

3. Lazer Focus

This is my most favourite for it’s efficacy. Perfect for anyone wishing to succeed in their lives and their careers.

a. Open your diary and check what is happening. Put an A beside the most important task.

b. With the, “A” before you simply focus your attention, your mind, fully on that important task vowing to complete it if it takes all day.

c. When your attention is distracted simply refocus on that thing and put all your mind’s attention on it until it is fully complete.

Continue marking progressive tasks with an, “A” and focus on them in order of importance.

Note: Lazer focus saves sweat and tasks that were previously too hard melt like butter in your day.

These simple mind games I concocted across the years. I hope they will be of help in creating a better day for you in each and every moment.




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