Amazing Facts About the Human Body

  1. All parts of the body grow as we grow except for one. The moment we were born until we grow old the size of this human part doesn’t change at all. What is it? The answer- the eyes.
  2. What is the fastest activity the human body can do? You can run, you can jump, you can punch as fast as Ali but you can’t outdo this human body activity. What it is? The answer- sneezing.
  3. A foreskin, the sized of a postage stamp, from circumcised babies take only 21 days to grow skin that can cover three (3) basketball courts. Amazing isn’t it. Thanks to science. The laboratory-grown skin is used in treating burn patients.
  4. When a man stopped growing, there is still a part of the human body that continues to grow. What it is? The answer- the ear, but usually the earlobes only.
  5. Do you know that the appendix is usually the third digestive organ of the body? Earliest men used to eat raw foods- raw vegetables, raw meat, etc. But when they discovered how to make fire and learned to cook their food, the appendix slowly went out of used and slowly got smaller and smaller and after thousands of years it shrunk.
  6. Humans can still survive without some internal organs like the appendix as well as one kidney
  7. The skin is the largest organ of the body. In an average-sized adult, the area is about 1.7 square meters and weighs 2.7 up to 3.4 kg. And according to a research study, humans are more hairy than monkeys.
  8. Do you know that humans have tails too? The tail is about 1 to 2 in. long. It is the end tail of the spinal cord called coccyx.
  9. Human hairs grow at an average of ½ to 1 in. a month or six to twelve in. a year.
  10. No two individuals have the same fingerprints. This is a known fact. But do you know that there is another one? No two individual have the same tongue prints. Amazing isn’t it?
  11. We breath through our lungs by inhaling and exhaling oxygen. When a person dies, is there still air in the lungs? 

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  • for 11, yes. when you breath theres always air in ur lungs even wen you exhale, the air is there 2 prevent ur lungs from calapsing, so wen you die there would still be air in, but how long it stays there i dunno

  • …thanks for the extentise
    research and information.
    Take care. Also take everything
    and I do mean everything,
    with a grain of salt.
    I think that in addition,if
    English is an individual’s
    second or third language, a
    little latitude could be in
    order. )

  • Appendix is not vestigeal. Today’s science is misleading on this. Same was the case with pineal gland but later biologists realized how wrong they were. Appendix has it’s uses which may not be known today. Remember, this information is generated by those scientists who did not know just a few years back that plants also have life.

    Man cannot live with one kidney as efficiently as with two kidneys. That may be survival but not that survival what nature intended us to lead. finally, i want to let you know “GOD NEVER COMMITS MISTAKES”

  • I loved reading this! I didn’t know that about the appendix…how interesting. I learned something today reading this article, that’s what makes reading fun.

  • to a kapoor,
    no one says that God commits mistake, thanks,
    there will always be studies/findings in science that will change,
    before pluto was a planet, but now it’s not anymore.

  • hi Greyian,
    thanks, i haven’t heard of identical twins having the same fingerprints,that’s interesting.
    hi Ted,
    thank you,
    hi slowslow,
    thanks a lot

  • Well as for the fingerprints, that is determined by particular points along the print and how well the swirl/line/direction match up. So it is possible that twins match on all points as it is also something like 1 out of every 10 million or 100 million people (I can’t remember the exact odds) would match as well, similar to DNA markers.

  • Hi Ma’am Alicia,
    thanks for the info,very interesting indeed,
    thanks for the visit and the comment,
    i appreciate it very much

  • Nice article, but the fingerprint section isn’t exactly right. There are people with no fingerprints (so they’d all be the same), and some identical twins can have exactly the same fingerprints, just like they can have exactly the same DNA.
    Very interesting!

  • Poorly written.Also,blinking is faster than sneezing and you can live with one lung too.
    The coccyx is part of the the spinal column not the spinal cord which ends inside the spinal canal at approximatly the level of the second lumbar.
    Number 11 wasn’t answered.The answer is yes;it’s called vital capacity.Hope this helps.

  • For Anthony:We do exhale oxygen.Air is approximately 16% oxygen(at sea level)and we exhale air with about 12% oxygen i.e. a 25% absorption.This is why the “mouth to mouth” part of CPR works.
    Hope this helps.

  • thanks,that’s was very impressive,
    i’m just curious, how fast can the eyes blink?
    sneezing is 160km/hr,thanks

  • Greetings norbert bermosa,
    The speed of a sneeze is between 300 and 400 milliseconds and
    can be altered by things such as trauma,disease,fatigue and
    Keep up the good fight for knowledge.The human body is a vast
    part of the universe.

    P.S. Did you hear about the Zen-master who ordered the hotdog?
    He wanted one with everything.
    With Respect,

  • hi!friends i havebeen liking all your comments.thanks khal,ma’am alicia and nicky kay.
    the facts are very interesting and i like ‘em all

  • 3,000 years ago when they did not know all the amazing facts about the human body that we do now, whoever wrote Psalm 139 said we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” – they were spot on!

  • This is a sciene website and it should be treated as such. Leave the “god created everything” comments out of this. Let science explain on here whilst you religious zealots stay on your own sites

  • anthony quote’We do not exhale oxygen’
    im afraid we do and we keep a little bit on co2 in our lungs too thats hows the human body works.

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