10 Amazing Facts About Earth

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15th Nov 2010

1. Only 11 percent of earth surface are used for growing foods.
2. The hottest planet in the solar system is not mercury but Venus, with estimated temperature of 864 F or 462 Celsius.
3. The world highest falls can be found at Venezuela wit a measure of (979 meters / 3212 ft.) three times taller than Eiffel tower.
4. Average of earth Ocean is 2 miles deep.
5.  Atacama Desert in Chile, is the place where the rain has never recorded had happened.
6. The most coldest, highest and driest continent in the world is Antarctica. 
7. The largest egg in the world is laid by a shark.
8. North Pole is recorded of having no land, only ice on the top of the ocean.
9. Ocean is known with having 99 % living space in the planet.
10. 1/3 of the earth land surface is desert.

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    amazing… thanks!

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    amazing. i only knew 3, 6, 9 and 10.=p

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    Thanks for sharing these fats which we really didn’t knew before and the most interesting fact that i found out was “7. The largest egg in the world is laid by a shark.” which is amazing and i never ever heard about it, i thought that Ostrich lays the biggest egg.

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    Wow. Amazing facts!