Seven Unique Dwarf Cacti

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2nd Nov 2008

I recently spent four days in the “city of pines” – Baguio during our five-day break from work. Baguio City is the coolest place in the Philippines. But not so cool now compared a few decades before. The climate is cool because it is located on top of a mountain. Cool as it is but it’s a place where one can find different varieties of cactus, ironic isn’t it.

A thread ball-like cactus

On my way home, I bought seven species of cactus for my small garden. Aside from the fact that cactuses or cacti are plants that are easily maintained because they don’t need much water and of they’re heat-resistant, I’ve chosen these varieties because of their beauty, uniqueness and I really find them “cute”.

A spiked cactus with cotton balls

I surf the net in order to find what species of cacti these plants that I bought but I wasn’t able to find a similar variety.

Of the seven cactuses I bought, this is the only elongated one, all the rest are ball-like in shape.

I named this ball-shaped cactus “spiny ball cactus”.

This is “spike-ball cactus”.

I named this variety of dwarf cactus “spiny golf ball-shaped”. I really found this plant very cute.

I really found this plant pretty which is another ball-shaped cactus and named it “cactus with cotton balls”.

To give you an idea on the sizes of these cacti, they are a bit bigger with a golf ball but much smaller than a baseball ball.

If you are familiar with these cactuses, kindly share their compound or common names. It will be very helpful and will be well appreciated. Thank you.

(All Photos used on this article were taken and owned by the writer of this article.)

  • PR Mace

    Cactus are very nice and easy to care for. I enjoy them.

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  • eddiego65

    Really unique plants! Thanks for sharing!

  • Keerthana

    i love gardening…nice article…



  • Lauren Axelrod

    I only grow cactus. Low maintenance in the Florida sandbox

  • Leo Reyes

    I missed Baguio City. Nice pictures.

  • blaise

    its beautiful..i always try to bring home cactus,unfortunately i cannot grow them,they die after some time..

  • Unofre Pili

    I would love to own them.

  • xoxo

    Cactus are interesting plants. Nice article.

  • Carole

    Hello! Do you plan to plant your cacti outside? I like all of your cacti–especially the spiny ball!