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Strange Facts and Trivia About The Month of March

Published by desertsister in Trivia
March 4th, 2010

Weird Holidays and events that take place in the month of March.

Strange facts about the Month of March


Most people in North America know that the first day of Spring comes in the month of March and that St.Patrick’s Day brings celebrations and parades. It is also a month of other weird and strange events many folks have not a glimmer about.

Here are some bizarre, strange and weird trivia about the usually blustery month of March.

This month is designated as:

National Frozen Food Month   ~   National Umbrella Month   ~   Spiritual Wellness Month   ~   National Women’s History Month…and much more.

Weekly celebrations include:

March 1 -7 is National Cheerleader Week……National Ghostwriter Week …. National Procrastination Week

March 8 – 15 is National Professional Pet Sitters Week….Celebrate Your Name Week…National Chocolate Lover’s Week

March 16 – 23 is National Sleep Awareness Week…..National Toad Hollow Week…Act Happy Week

March 24 – 31 is World Folk Tales & Fables Week….National Bubble Blowers Week


Did you know you can celebrate the following days as special events?

March 1st is — National Pig Day

March 5 is — St. Piran’s Day

March 9 is — “Barbie Doll” Day

March 11 is — Johnny Appleseed Day

March 14 is — Potato Chip Day

March 15 is — True Confessions Day

March 20 is — Corn Dog Day

March 21 is — Spring Fairy Fun Day

March 23 is — National Puppy Day

March 30 is — National Pencil Day

A few other things you probably didn’t know happened in March include:

The president signed an order that made “The Star Spangled Banner” the national anthem on March 3rd 1931.

Ghandi was arrested for peaceful disobedience protest on March 19th, 1922.

On March 20, 1964 a huge earthquake (8.8 magnitude) rocked Alaska.

U.S. Inauguration of the newly elected president took place in March until 1937 when the day was changed to January.

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